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Solvent Base Liquids

Solvent Base Liquids

Solvent-based bituminous coating for permanent protection of concrete surfaces.

Excellent Adhesion

Strongly bonds to a variety of substrates,
including concrete, metal, wood, and masonry.


Resistant to weathering, UV rays,
chemicals, and mechanical wear.


Can accommodate minor movements in
the substrate without cracking.

Ease of Application

Can be applied using brushes, rollers,
or spray equipment.

Fast Drying

Solvent evaporation speeds up the drying
and curing process.
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DUPRIME is an excellent quality universal primer, manufactured from a special type of bitumen. It is solvent based and commonly applied onto various substrates to improve bonding of bituminous…


DUSEEL 300 is a superior quality, general-purpose bitumen protective coating blended with special Bitumen and Petroleum solvents. It is solvent based with high performance and durability.


DUSEEL A 300 is a special solvent-based liquid applied aluminum bitumen protective and reflective coating. The special mixture of high quality bitumen and petroleum solvent….


DUSEEL R300 is a superior quality, elastomeric, liquid applied bitumen membrane blended with special ingredients. It is solvent based with special SBS rubber for high quality performance and durability.

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